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Cardiovascular system
JUPOPINE (Nifedipine Controlled-release Tablets)
2.coronary heart disease; Chronic Stable Angina (Classical Effort-Associated Angina)

☆ Character

This product is a film-coated tablets and the core inside is double-layered, the color of the layers is red and yellow. 


☆ Drug Description

JUPOPINE (Nifedipine Controlled-release Tablets) has more stable and lasting antihypertensive effect than Extended Release Tablets, virtually less effect on the heart rate; fewer side effects. The quality of JUPOPINE (Nifedipine Controlled-release Tablets) is no inferior to that of Adalat GITS (Nifedipine Controlled-release Tablets) since JUPOPINE has passed the Generic Drug Consistency Evaluation in 2021. Nifedipine Controlled-release Tablets has better clinical effects compared with other types of antihypertensive drugs and can effectively control morning blood pressure peak and reduce the incidence of myocardial infarction, congestive heart failure, blood stroke and all-cause mortality, and brings more clinical benefits to the treatment of coronary heart disease and angina.


☆ Usage and Dosage 

The administration for treatment shall be based on patient’s individual case. The basic dosage of medication shall be different based on the clinical state of each patient. The medication of patients with liver dysfunction shall be carefully monitored, and the dosage of medication shall be reduced for severe cases. 

The initial daily dosage for treatment is usually 30mg.

Unless there are special medical orders, the recommended dosage for an adult is: one tablet (30mg) once a day; the dosage can be increased to 60mg once a day if necessary. 

Course of treatment: the medication time shall be decided by the doctor.

Usage of Drug: Swallow with small amount of liquid, no time constraints before or after meals.

☆ Friendly Reminders

Tablets should be swallowed, can’t be chewed, divided and smashed. Tablet like object could be visualized in the feaces, API is contained in an anti-dissolvable crust on the purpose of making the ingredients being stably and slowly released and being absorbed by the body of patients.

☆ Package 

30mg X 7/10/14/21/30 tablets.


☆ Status

Prescription (Rx) drug.


"Please take the drugs following the user manuals or under doctors' prescription."