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“With Honglin, For Auspicious Win-Win and Greater Results!” 2016 New Year Get-To

   Sheep bid farewell to the old year and golden monkeys ring in the New Year.  The Annual Honglin welcome party was held in Meizhou banquet hall on December 31, 2015. The company Board Chairman and his family gathered with all the staff of Honglin Pharma. to celebrate the new year and describe the development prospect in the New Year.

During the party, members of various departments performed brilliant entertainments of different forms.  They were enjoyed by all in the big family of  Honglin Pharma. The highlight of the party was the awarding of prizes for the performances by the company leadership. 

2015 was a landmark year in the history of Honglin Pharma.  Honglin Pharma. sales staff exceeded sales target goals.  However, they cannot rest on their past record and will strive to bring Honglin Pharma to a level equal that of other powerful pharmaceutical companies sales.

In the party, forceful speeches of the chairman of the board, general manager Lan and general manager Li have pointed out the direction for future development of the company, and have inspired and motivated all the staff to create a new, stronger Honglin Pharma.