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Fruitful internship of undergraduates of SPU in Honglin – April 23, 2014
   Beijing Honglin Pharma.Co.,Ltd. maintains a close cooperative relationship with Shenyang Pharmaceutical University in terms of high-tech product research and development and talent cultivation. Since the establishment of talent cultivation cooperation, university graduates from Shenyang Pharmaceutical University come to Honglin Pharma for practice every year. Honglin Pharma induces excellent talents from Shenyang Pharmaceutical University every year. This time, 15 outstanding university students from different majors of School of Pharmacy, Shenyang Pharmaceutical University came to our company for practice. The company arranged for them to visit the factory and practice in positions of quality control department and production department; experienced senior employees explained position knowledge for them and guided them to conduct practical operation; company executives prepared professional training courses for them and systematically taught them knowledge related to GMP and slow/controlled release technology; made them deeply understand slow/controlled release technology of Honglin Pharma from aspects of practice and theory, and let them contact large-scale pharmaceutical production and advanced production inspection devices with zero distance; besides, company provided guidance for them in terms of employment and interview issues which they concern. It’s known from the communication between staff of Honglin Pharma and internships of Shenyang Pharmaceutical University: They have obtained a lot from this time of practice. They have not only learned actual production related knowledge, but also deeply understood position and job requirements of drug production and quality control, which brings great guidance for their future employment; they greatly admire good working attitude and teamwork spirit of staff of Honglin Pharma, and agree the Honglin Pharma’s enterprise spirit of seeking quality and reality, devotion and striving, and the enterprise culture of preciseness, sureness and harmony. After the practice, the company issued internship certificate for qualified students according to practice examination results, and then leaded them to visit the beautiful Hongluo Temple in Huairou scenic spot. 


Group photo of company representatives and students of Shenyang Pharmaceutical University


Course-completion certificate issuance ceremony


Group photo at Hongluo Temple issuance ceremony