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Honglin Pharma 2013 Annual Meeting was held in Huairou Plant – January 13, 2014

  Time flies. The busy 2013 has past in a second and the 2014 with full hope is coming to us. Beijing Honglin Pharma.Co.,Ltd 2013 annual meeting was grandly held on January 11, 2014. All the staff of the company merrily gathered together with special guests to enjoy the wonderful evening. Brilliant performances directed and performed by the staff obtained happy laughters, cheerful voices and thunderous applause in the annual meeting. Beautiful dance and songs which like sounds of nature met with the most universal applause; vivid short sketch brought the meeting to a climax. The whole annual meeting came to a successful conclusion in the harmonious, sweet and happy atmosphere.

The scene of annual meeting

Some agents were invited in the annual meeting. On January 11, the company assigned related employees to show them around the factories, quality control department and so on of Honglin, and explain knowledge of company’s products to them carefully; on January 12, employees of sales department and agents had a outdoor tour together. Buddhism culture of Hongluo Temple is profound and the scenery is beautiful and attractive, which made everybody happy and pleasant; Mutianyu Great Wall climbing activity is more uplifting. Just like the old saying goes “He who has never been to the Great Wall is not a true man”; meanwhile, Visiting the Forbidden City made our colleagues and agents appreciate the wisdom and creativity of ancient Chinese working people. These activities have not only improved cohesive force of sales team, but also strengthened tacit understanding and trust between clients and the company.



Photo of outdoor tour

2014 is a bew start. Our company will provide first-class service and products with high quality as always, develop stably and sustainably. Let us wish together for the more brilliant tomorrow of Honglin Pharma!