Address:Beijing Yanqi Economic Development Area, Huairou District, Beijing
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Honglin Pharma is a GMP-certified, modern pharmaceutical enterprise invested in and founded by GoeGoe Pharmaceutical Co. With a registered capital of nearly 100 million yuan, Honglin Pharma is a new high-tech national enterprise boasting dvanced extended/controlled-release technologies. The production base of the company is located in Beijing Yanqi Economic Development Z...

At present, the company is working on 10 new drug R&D projects, 70% of which are extended/controlled-release products. Currently, 1 new Class II drug, 2 new Class III drugs, and 1 new Class IV drug have been approved.  Honglin Pharma owns 4U.S.patents and 5 Chinese patents for its controlled-release technologies. The company also possesses sophisticated production equipment, such as an imported digital laser drilling machine and many other advanced machines imported from foreign countries such as the United States, England and Germany. Honglin Pharma product line includes a variety of medications for various systems including: cardiovascular, urological, endocrine, digestive, anti-allergenic, psychiatric, cold and analgesics. At present, the company is conducting consistency evaluation of 5 varieties. JiuBaoPing® (Nifedipine Controlled-release Tablets), RoToFier® (Glipizide Extended Release Tablet), and JiuBaoShu® (Amlodipine Besylate Tablets) have passed the consistency evaluation. JiuBaoPing® (Nifedipine Controlled-release Tablets) and RoToFier® (Glipizide Extended Release Tablet) are the first controlled-release preparations in China that have passed the consistency evaluation of the quality and efficacy of generic drugs.

Honglin Pharma attaches importance to attracting dedicated pharmaceutical professionals. It has 2 full-time technical support professionals (doctor candidate supervisors), 2 doctors, 11 postgraduates and 7 licensed pharmacists. Over 85% of the employees are medical professionals. In addition, the company management team includes manyU.S.experts.Honglin Pharma has been designated as the cooperative R&D facility by Shenyang Pharmaceutical  University. It has also recently reached a strategic partnership with Xi’an Janssen Pharmaceutical Ltd., one of the largest pharmaceutical company affiliates of Johnson & Johnson inChina. The strategic cooperation agreement signing ceremony was held in Beijing in 2014. Thanks to the cooperation with Johnson & Johnson, Honglin Pharma has seen further improvement in corporate philosophy and management, product R&D, production and marketing.

Honglin Pharma seeks to build an ever-growing brand that is “Quality-Focused, Pioneering and Dedicated to Help Improve the Quality of Life”. The company advocates and pursues a philosophy of a “Happy & Healthy Life!” for all.